We can create customised jigsaw puzzles in a range of sizes and pieces which allow you to re-live those special moments over again.

Simply select your favourite photo and we can turn it into a jigsaw,
making an ideal keepsake or a perfect gift.

These puzzles are made from high quality acrylic pieces which ensures your favourite photo is not distorted in the manufacturing or cutting process. In fact they are so good you can use them over and over again or even frame your finished masterpiece.


Select your puzzle size and shape – like most photos it’s best to look at the ratio and decide from there. The 3:2 ratio works great for A4 or A3; size 420 x 210 for the 2:1 ratio, or you may select a shape such as heart, square or round.

Select the number of pieces.

Download sample templates to give you an idea.

Now, upload your photo on our website and we'll get to work.


Presented in a calico draw string bag the contents of which are your puzzle, nicely messed up into lots of little pieces.

A print of what you’ll see when you’ve beaten the puzzle.

And if you’d like, a gift card with whatever you’d like to say beautifully scribed in readiness for the perfect surprise.

If you’d like we have a range of beautiful photos taken by world renowned graphic artist, Che McPherson of Pixel Peeps. Amongst others he has beautifully captured New Zealand’s South Island in all its glory. Incredible images of the Queensland coastline and even some amazing architectural.

If you’ve never done it you can jump onto Shutterstock and pick something from the amazing range they have. We can convert this into your own special piece for you and your family and friends to spend a few hours of quality time bringing that image together.

Special Events, Celebrations, Gifts for all occasions, Corporate gifts
Remember a special moment or person, it really is up to you.

Not just another puzzle, but a piece of art.


Use your own images, family photos, your favourite pet shot, that special wedding moment, children's sketches, artwork, your logo or ask us to help source your image.

A4 $27.50 + GST
A3 $47.50 + GST


Phone Nerida on 0421 711 251
or Email